About us

Who we are?

The Union of Christian Business Executives of Slovenia (ZKPS), the Slovene branch of UNIAPAC, is a non-governmental organization established in 1991. Our members are directors of small business enterprises, leading managers of private, public companies and governmental institutions, company board members, entrepreneurs and others. Most of us are employers. Some of our members are distinguished public or political personalities. We support, or are members of various, mainly center-right, political parties, but share the Christian values and the Union mission.

The members of ZKPS - UNIAPAC Slovenia are committed Christians who accept and practice the Christian social principles and in their professional life they profess and promote the fundamental principles of a just social -market oriented economy. New members are recruited among small and medium enterprise owners as well as managers of larger companies who demonstrate a high level of ethical responsibility through their work.
The membership in ZKPS is mandatory and the eligibility for membership does not depend on the citizenship.

Since 1993 the Union has been a member of the International Union of Christian Business Executives - UNIAPAC with the main office in Brussels. Being a part of a world-wide association of business executives is extremely important for Slovene executives especially in the process of Slovenia's accession to the European Union.


  • The Union aims to promote fair and successful business and responsibility towards partners and employees in Slovenia. We believe that in this way we can contribute to gradual improvement of the human relations within the Slovene business world.
  • We tend the esteem and the position of private enterprise in the Slovene society and abroad and stimulate the promotion of personal freedom and human dignity of employees.
  • We help the entrepreneurs in forming their conscience for ethical decisions in business.
  • We motivate our members to take part in the public life and accept responsible positions.
  • We aim to train the young generation of Christian business executives for a successful business respecting the ethical principles of the Union.
  • Through the international UNIAPAC we take part in solving the global, and thus also our national problems in the business world.


The Union aims:

  • To become a respectable and valued association of Christian business executives in Slovenia and abroad;
  • At good collaboration with the allied associations nationally and internationally;
  • Working closely to UNIAPAC main office and UNIAPAC international member associations;
  • Having, maintaining and establishing contacts to expatriated Slovenes in Europe and overseas;
  • Educating young generation of potential businessmen to be ready for a successful, responsible and ethical entrepreneurship.


  • Honesty
  • Justice
  • Responsibility
  • Solidarity
  • Sense and concern for our fellow man

How we are going to achieve our aims

We organize various activities which enable the union members to get to know each other and thus facilitate their potential cooperation. Consequently, members can support each other.

We organize meetings, visits with professional background, entertainment and other events. We also promote the Union, its values and aims as well as its members.

Some activities tend to be focused on young prospective entrepreneurs. We want to encourage them to decide for a business career and to bear future responsibility for successful leadership based on ethical values. Most of our activities are open also to the general public.

The Union presidency actively cooperate with the UNIAPAC International office in Brussels and thus promote our national association.

Our presidency

Mr. Drago Rudel, PhD, Assist. Prof., President
Mr. Ivan Kapetanović, Vice-President
Mrs. Neja Samar-Brenčič, Secretary
Mrs. Frančiška Kosmač, Treasurer